Goal Organizer Poster {Free Printable!}

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Today’s Good Livings post is a simple idea with the potential for big impact. Let’s face it, our goals are little dreams we keep in our minds with hope that fairies will enchant them during our sleep (wait is that just me?). But goals need to be so much more than that if we want them to actually come true. And I’m not just talking about the huge ones, like getting a solid job or finding the “perfect” partner. We should be constantly striving for the other day-to-day goals we might have, like traveling, quitting bad habits, saving a certain amount of money each week, etc. That’s why today I am bringing you a simple but big idea from Cornflower Blue Studio…a hangable-interchangeable goal organizer! Awesome! I like this idea because instead of just writing our goals on paper and sticking them in a binder or on our wall, they’re written on post-its and become visual and tangible. Imagine how good it will feel to rip one of those suckers off after you’ve completed it. Ahh bliss.

Cornflower Blue Studio has a great tutorial if you want to DIY your goal list, but I’ve also included 4 free printables that you can print out right now to get started! **Note: They should be printed on 11″x14″ paper!




Download #1 hereDownload #2 hereDownload #3 hereDownload #4 here

Happy planning and have a great day! 

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