Weekly Wishes #61 (Goal-Setting Link-Up)


Hey there and welcome to Weekly Wishes, where I talk about the goals or challenges I want to achieve this week and also let you share your own through the link-up below. I’d love for you to join me and add a link to your own goal-setting post! It’s a great way to make new friends from around the world and gain some motivation to achieve your weekly aspirations.

Good morning everyone! I’m sitting here on Sunday night after binge-watching Orange is the New Black. I usually avoid watching TV because I found that I get too sucked in and have a hard time turning it off when I’m into a series. I do like this show though — does anyone else watch it? I also started watching House of Cards recently and I dig that one, too!

Anyways, this weekend I went to the OC Fair, which is a big fair/carnival in my area. It was my first time at the Fair since before I left for Japan and it made me realize how odd the Fair would be to a Japanese person! The OC Fair (all fairs?) are known for selling deliciously horrible foods, like hot dogs as long as my forearm and fried oreos. People here obviously don’t eat like that on a regular basis, but it’s fun to have one day a year where binging on chocolate covered bacon is normal. ;) What’d you do this weekend? 

Last Week’s Wishes

  1. Add new prints to the shop + do some DIY projects. Merp. I honestly didn’t devote much time to these last week. Doh! I used to feel pretty guilty when I didn’t finish my weekly goals, but now I’ve learned to more readily forgive myself. I do hope to spend more time on them this week though! 
  2. Keep working on my new project. Yes! I put sincere effort into this project last week and I feel so refreshed and excited when I work on it. I love that feeling!

This Week’s Wishes

  1. Respond to all the questions you asked from this post. Your inquiries are so interesting and insightful to me! I’m really excited to share my thoughts with you. If you have other questions, feel free to ask them this week in the comments section of that post (or by email). :)
  2. Continue working on my side project and create a master plan. Vague and annoying, I know. I’ll definitely share when I have a better picture of things though.
  3. Blog in advance. I normally write my posts either the day before or the day of a post. But I LOVE those rare moments when I schedule things a week in advance. I’d love to try and get ahead on blogging this week.


1. Share your posts about your goals, challenges, or wishes for the week, month, year, decade, whatever! Entries completely unrelated to the theme or linked to your homepage will be deleted. 

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3. You can link up your posts on any day of the week, but the most common day to do so is Monday. :)

4. THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE OF ALL! You MUST visit the person’s blog who linked up directly before you and leave them a motivating comment.This is such an important part of this linkup! We are each here to encourage each other and build a community of determined women and friends. If you join our community, please share some love — that’s all I ask. :)

Blogging, Business, or Freelance Design Questions? Lemme Hear ‘Em!

Your blogging and business questions answered!

Happy Saturday! I didn’t quite realize how many questions you all had about my job as a freelance graphic designer and blogger until my recent post about where my money comes from. You all are so insightful — I was really intrigued by the things you asked and the inferences you made!

I realized that, well, there are a lot of things you’re eager to know and understand, but no one really talks about them. I’d love to know what you’re curious about so that I can help you out! You can either share specific questions or just ask me to elaborate on any topics you’re interested in — I’m an open book! Feel free to leave a comment here or send me an email. :)

Have a great weekend, friends!

Tea Margarita? Yes, It’s a Thing.

Jose Cuervo Iced Tea Margarita Like many of you, I’m busy. Whether it be with work, friends, or something else, it can be hard to find time to cook or dream up new drinks. So, when I discovered that Jose Cuervo blended two of my favorite things — tea and margaritas — into one pre-made drink, I was intrigued. Their cleverly named “Iced Teagarita” combines half of their classic lime flavored margarita, blended with Jose Cuervo Tequila and orange liqueur, with half iced tea. The result is delicious and super quick to make — all I had to do was add ice. Voila! The perfect thing for a relaxing summer day. I’m actually sipping on a glass right now. #noshame. Jose Cuervo Iced Tea Margarita The beauty of this drink is that it’s ready to go right out of the bottle. I just added lemon slices and ice, but I think this would taste great with other citrusy fruits as well! The Iced Teagarita is about 20 proof (10% alcohol), but has a really smooth flavor. It was a great balance of tequila, sweetness, and tea, without going overboard on any of the flavors. I’d definitely recommend it as something to sip on with friends or to bring to a summer-time party.

By the way, aren’t these glasses cute?

Jose Cuervo Iced Tea Margarita

Jose Cuervo Iced Tea Margarita

Would you be interested in trying a tea margarita?

Keep up to date with Jose Cuervo on their Facebook page and website

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