Weekly Wishes #62 (Goal-Setting Link-Up)

Weekly Wishes #62 (Goal-Setting Link-Up)

Hey there and welcome to Weekly Wishes, where I talk about the goals or challenges I want to achieve this week and also let you share your own through the link-up below. I’d love for you to join me and add a link to your own goal-setting post! It’s a great way to make new friends from around the world and gain some motivation to achieve your weekly aspirations.

Good morning, friends! This weekend was a pretty fun one! On Friday, I went to Comic-Con with my mom, which was both nice because I hadn’t seen my mom in a few months and also because I hadn’t been to Comic-Con since high school! Comic-Con is an enormous comic/movies/tv/nerd fest in San Diego, California. After watching panels with actors from Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead (I’ve never seen them, but my mom loves them!), we went to the exhibition rooms where you can check out TONS of vendors, see plenty of attendees in elaborate costumes/cosplay, and meet some neat people. I got to meet Hello Kitty’s head designer, which took the cake for me! :) Isn’t she adorable?!

Hello Kitty Designer at Comic Con

Yesterday, I headed to Renegade Craft Fair in Los Angeles. I’d never been before, but was impressed with the unique handmade vendors and food trucks they had! It was SuPeR hot, but I still had a lot of fun. Afterwards, I got my ears pierced, because I’m a 25-year-old woman who still can’t wear earrings. In my defense, I’ve gotten my ears pierced at least four times in the past, but the holes always close. Hopefully these will stick around a little longer. ;) How was your weekend? Tell me about it!

Last Week’s Wishes

  1. Respond to all the questions you asked from this post. Working on it! I realized that a lot of your questions were so great that I’d like to write whole posts to answer them. I wrote out all the questions and now I’m organizing them into my calendar so I can answer them in length! :) I already wrote a post answering a question that was asked several times about how I plan and organize blog posts.
  2. Continue working on my side project and create a master plan. I did do this! This project kind of has a lot of components though, so looking at this Master Plan makes me both want to grin with excitement and rip my hair out. Balance, right? ;)
  3. Blog in advance. I’m a leeetle ahead of schedule right now! I didn’t quite get a week’s worth of posts written out, but being slightly ahead feels great, too. :)

This Week’s Wishes

  1. Launch a mini project! While working on my Big Side Project (that vague thing I talked about above), I thought of something else I’d like to do, too! I’m pretty excited about this, and I think you’ll dig it, too. Hopefully I can launch it this week. :)
  2. Work on an e-book! Lately, I’ve been putting more effort into e-book ideas, and I have several that I’d like to write! I created an outline for the first one, so now I just need to get out all of my ideas. Anything you’d love to read an e-book about? Maybe I can add it to my list! :)


1. Share your posts about your goals, challenges, or wishes for the week, month, year, decade, whatever! Entries completely unrelated to the theme or linked to your homepage will be deleted. 

2. Link back to this site so others can get their goal-setting on, too! You can use the button below if you’d like!

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3. You can link up your posts on any day of the week, but the most common day to do so is Monday. :)

4. THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE OF ALL! You MUST visit the person’s blog who linked up directly before you and leave them a motivating comment.This is such an important part of this linkup! We are each here to encourage each other and build a community of determined women and friends. If you join our community, please share some love — that’s all I ask. :)

What are your Weekly Wishes?

p.s. Next Monday I’ll be sharing my Monthly Wishes for August! Join me! :)

Modern + Organic // Two Recent Blog Designs

Happy Friday! Today I’m headed to Comic-Con to get down with my bad, nerdy self. I haven’t been to Comic-Con since my one-time stint in high school, so I’m excited to attend again! I saw that they have a Pokemon tournament on the schedule and my inner geek is currently hyper-ventilating into a paper bag.

If your Friday is packed with a little more normality, then I’ve got a couple recent blog designs to share with you. These designs land on differing ends of the spectrum: one being sleek and modern and the other being natural and organic. I love the way they both turned out. Take a look!

Criss Cross Culture

When Joyce contacted me to design her site, her most recent post was titled, “Why Asian Men Are Sexy.” I knew we’d get along juuust fine. Joyce wanted something modern and unisex, that pulled elegant, old-school inspiration from Wed Anderson movies. Check out her finished site here.

Amanda Naturally

Amanda is a super sweet nutritionist and health coach who wanted a launching pad for her services and a place to share her expertise with her readers. Given her holistic approach, we opted for an organic looking site, with textures you can feel and delicate earthy colors. Check out her finished site here.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

Need a new blog, website, or logo design? I gotchu covered! View my services and portfolio and then get in touch to book your spot. Have a wonderful weekend, friends.

How I Organize and Plan Blog Posts

How I Organize and Plan Blog Posts

Recently, I asked you all to send me any questions you had about blogging or design. I was intrigued by everything you asked about! One of the things that came up several times was how I plan blog posts. Today, I’d like to share a bit of my planning and organizational process, just in case it helps you out, too! Here are my top tips for planning blog posts like a pro.

1. WordPress Editorial Calendar Plugin

This thing is my absolute favorite. I recommend it for all WordPress users! Essentially, it adds a calendar to the backend of your WordPress site and makes it possible to see the entire month’s posts in one fell swoop. You can also easily drag posts from one day to another and create a list of drafts/possible post ideas in a column on the right. I love it! You can achieve the same concept by using a monthly paper planner, but I like this plugin because it’s built into my WordPress site, so I can easily edit my calendar online and then begin writing posts straight from the calendar.

2. I carry a notepad with me everywhere

Sometimes I utilize a notepad on my phone and other times I carry a physical notepad around with me, but one thing is certain: I always (always) have one.

I have a hunch that the more time you put into something, the more your mind starts thinking along the lines of that thing. For example, when I was an avid hobby photographer, I started to see the world how it might look as a photo. Different things stood out to me — things I knew would look nice in a frame. Nowadays, I experience things in blog posts. A blog post idea can be born from an overheard conversation at Starbucks or a painting in my dentist’s office. I never really know, but I do know that my mind often thinks in terms of my blog, without me even trying. This means that I’m able to create ideas and pop them into a notepad so that I can turn them into posts later on. I’m also no stranger to taking photos or screenshots of things that could be used as inspiration for future blog posts.

3. I have general themes for my blog and stick to them each week

This organizational tip is a little looser for me, but in general, I try to write about creativity, self-development, business/blogging stuff, and travel. It’s important to me that each week has varied content, so that I’m not posting recipes or positive lifestyle posts everyday. On the right, you can see the categories that I aim to abide by, as well as the sub-categories within them. I like to have one of each every week, or at least a variety of some of them.

4. I keep in mind when my site is busiest

It happens that my blog receives the most pageviews on Tuesdays. Is it the same for your blog? Do you know how to check? I use Google Analytics, which shares everything from how many pageviews I receive to how many visitors are on my site at any given moment. Typically I like to publish posts on Tuesdays that I know will be popular among my readers, since I think it gives them an even bigger boost.

5. I talk to people about my ideas

I can’t stress how important it is to bounce your ideas off of others and get feedback about things you’re working on. I don’t share my ideas with trusted friends to get approval, but rather because they’re usually able to enhance my ideas in ways I wouldn’t have been able to think of on my own. Collaboration is an important part of blog planning in my opinion. Don’t have anyone who “gets it” to bounce ideas off of? I’ve got something in the works that I think you’re going to love!

How do you organize and plan blog posts?

photo via pete o’shea on flickr // cc

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